2019 Run for Autism 5K

Team Ezra! "Different, Not Less"

Hi! Welcome to Team Ezra's page! 

We are running to raise awareness of autism and to support a great organization, Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA), so they can provide services to those in need. 

Autism is still misunderstood by many, which is why we wanted to name our team "Different, not less."  This is a quote by Temple Grandlin  (look her up and watch her TED talk and movie if you can) who tries to educate others to help them see that an autism diagnosis does not make a person less than a typical developing person, just different.  They each have their own unique gifts and abilities which we all need to learn to embrace and work with rather than exclude.

Our precious Ezra was officially diagnosed with autism in October 2017 when he was two years old, but we had the unofficial diagnosis in October 2016 at just 15 months old.  We have spent countless hours researching and trying to be the best resources and parents for Ezra.  However, it has been a long, hard road.  Despite the statistics showing that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism, it is still very hard to access the resources needed, especially in our small town (Farmville).  Ezra was blessed to be able to begin outpatient ABA therapy at VIA in fall of 2018.  VIA has been a great support for Ezra and us.  We are blessed to have great insurance that covers most of his services, but there are many children that do not and even more children who have not been able to receive the ABA therapy yet due to a shortage of supply. 

So join us on Saturday April 13th and run or walk in the Virginia Institute of Autism's Run for Autism 5K. Your payment to be in the race is a contribution towards the fundraising goals. We hope you'll help us reach (or exceed) our fundraising goals to help support VIA and it's mission.

The Virginia Institute of Autism provides life-changing services to families challenged by autism. Their work helps to make Charlottesville a more humane, more inclusive, place to live.

By participating in the Run for Autism, YOU are a part of that mission. You help us make this event successful year after year. 

Please join us by making a donation to our team today or running/walking with us. :-) <3

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