2018 Run for Autism 5K

Team Afton

Meet sweet Afton!
Afton was diagnosed with Autism at just under 2 years old. He was non-verbal until age 4, using only sign language to communicate.
Afton began VIA outpatient at age 3, and it has been truly life changing for Afton and for his family.
VIA has not only helped Afton learn to communicate and interact with the people and the world around him, but they have also helped his family understand and support Afton while at home and at school through parent training and sibling involvement.
The amount of progress that Afton makes each year with the help of VIA is astounding! Afton still has a lot of work ahead of him at VIA, but at age 7 he is talking up a storm and is making great strides in play skills and social interactions.
This year, because of all the hard work at VIA, Afton said “I love you” to his Mom for the first time, and truly understood and meant it. Moments like these exist because of the support of VIA. They are truly phenomenal.
Please consider donating to VIA. By selecting Team Afton you will help our team meet our fundraising goals. Your gift will give hope to children and adults with autism and their families. You are helping individuals, families, and communities affected by autism.

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